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Travelogues – Vivacious Venice

I am back tracking a bit regarding the posts about Italy, I didn’t have time to write until now.

December 2018

Venice – Take One

We actually started our 5 year anniversary trip in Venice.  We flew into Venice Marco Polo Airport.  We explored Venice for one evening, traveled to Rome and Florence, and came back to Venice for New Year’s Eve.  For writing purposes, I decided to incorporate both trips to Venice into one post.

When we arrived in Venice, our first task was to find the Airbnb we were staying in.  As T and I went over the first bride overlooking the Grand Canal (Canale Grande), the handle of T’s suitcase broke!  I thought to myself this is going to be a long trip…  (The piece of luggage is a well known brand and they did give him a new suitecase after  I contacted them when we returned to the United States.)  We followed the narrow streets made out of bricks and eventually found the Airbnb we were staying at.

Venice Streets

Our first stop was a small place called, Ombre & Cicchetti, they had the BEST prosecco I have ever TASTED.  Venice is known for their prosecco, Italian sparking wine, and now I know why!  Thinking of how the prosecco tasted brings a smile to my face.  The owner said that they made their own prosecco, so we could not buy a bottle to take to the United States.  The music selection was very limited, a Brian Adams’ Greatest Hits CD played over and over again – ha, ha!

We ate delicious pizza and tiramisu (coffee-flavored Italian dessert) too! 

The next day, we were able to take a few pictures before we took a train to Rome.



December 2018/January 2019

Venice – Take Two

We arrived back in Venice after visiting Rome and Florence.  We were excited for our New Year’s Eve Cruise.  

We had a great time on the cruise and enjoyed the band, five course meal, and of course prosecco!


Venice band

Venice boat-us

2019 was welcomed by a magnificent fireworks display!  


It is strange to be writing the Italy Travelogues seven months later.  The ironic thing is that after I came back home to Texas, I remember thinking, “There is so much of the WORLD to see…”.  Little did I know, T and I would have the opportunity to move to Europe…  Funny how things work out; someone I know calls that “God’s Winks”!



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