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Travelogues – When in Rome…

I am backtracking a bit regarding the posts about Italy, I didn’t have time to write until now…

December 2018

Christmas Eve

T and I went to Italy for our five year wedding anniversary in December of 2018/January 2019.  I have always wanted to visit Italy!  I hope to meet my distant relatives someday in Sonnino, Italy.

The first item of business when we arrived in Rome was picking up our tickets at the  US Visitors’ Office for Christmas Eve Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica.  I also made prayer requests in the prayer book.  The nun gave us “tips” as to how to have good seats for mass.


One of the nun’s “tips” was arriving early to stand in line.  We arrived at 4:30 and mass started at 9:30.


The line behind us was very long and nightfall began.


We were allowed inside around 7:30.  I was in complete awe when I walked inside of St. Peter’s Basilica inside of Vatican City (which is not technically Rome).


The second “tip” the nun told us was to sit near the aisle…now I know why!

Rome 7.JPG

Pope Francis spoke in Latin for mass.  Mass was so crowded that people sat outside too.



Santa Sightings On Christmas Day

Santa was very busy in Rome on Christmas Day!  We saw him twice, we must have been really good in 2018…


Rome Attractions

Trevi Fountain was very crowded.  If you forgot your selfie-stick, you were in luck because many street vendors were selling them – ha, ha.

Rome-TF 1


We also visited the Colosseum.  We heard that the underground tour was very good, but we decided not to participate since the tour is four hours long.


One place that we visited that people do not talk about is the Cat Sanctuary.  I have to be honest, I am not a cat person, but I really enjoyed spending time with the cats.  The Cat Sanctuary is in the middle of the city and is a non-profit organization.  I donated money and the volunteer took us to a special room filled with cats that were blind and sick.  The cats were so tame and friendly.  They loved being pet!



I Am Hungry…And Thirsty!

Hotel Lunetta offered us Italian cappuccinos and cookies upon our arrival.

Rome-drink 2

My coworker recommended eating at Osteria Del Cavaliere.  My spaghetti with truffles was delicious.  My husband enjoyed eating his ravioli.  It was a quaint place with about ten tables and was on the outskirts of Rome.


Limoncello was often offered as an after dinner drink. It tasted like lemons with alcohol – ha, ha!

Rome-drink 1

Now off to Florence…




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